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We treat Professional, College and High School Athletes.

Whether for professional athletes, active kids, or weekend warriors, sports massage has benefits for participants in the active life. For most people, sports massage is handy after muscle exertion to relieve stiffness and soreness.

But anyone can borrow from a gym bag of the professional athlete, so to speak, especially if he or she is training for a major event like a triathlon. Professional athlete are fully clothed, vigorous massage before sports events to bring blood to critical parts of the body and loosen muscles.

As this is done, athletes visualize their best performance, supporting the muscle memory that helps maximize their training and effort. Another professional tactic is to have massage right after an event to shorten recovery time.

Anyone can use massage to reduce pain and tightness from athletic pursuits or to address sports injuries. Sports massage can ease muscles that shorten and tighten to compensate for and protect injured areas. Massage of surrounding areas can relieve ripples of pain that expand from the injury site. 
Benefits for Atheltes:
There are many physiologic effects of massage that can be of benefit to those engaged in athletic activities. These include all of the well known general benefits of massage to the general population including increased local blood flow, removal of toxins, decreased muscle pain, decreased muscle fatigue, improvement of myofascial adhesions, and increased body awareness. Of paticular intrest to the athlete is massage"s ability to:

1. Enable the athlete to more rapidly and completely recover from muscular injury and stress with less chance of
developing chronic problems.

2. Maintain the body's muscles best state of relaxation, flexibility (stretching), nutrition, and ability for athletic performance by increasing blood and lymph flow, reducing muscle adhesions, reducing scar tissue, normalizing connective tissue, and deactivation of trigger points.

3. Reduce muscle tightness, soreness, and pain, thereby enabling a quicker recovery and a higher training level with less of a chance of over-training or injury.

4. Increase body awareness thereby enhancing coordination and neromuscular response.

5. Provides a psychological boost and generates self-confidence.
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