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What is the history of cupping therapy?

Cupping is a form of healing that has been used for centuries with the earliest accounts emerging from Egyptian hieroglyphic writings dated around 3,500 years ago. Aside from the Egyptians, the Greeks, Persian, Arabs, North American Indians and Eastern Asians have also widely used cupping for healing various ailments. Chinese cupping is the most well-known of all forms of cupping.

 This type of treatment is, in fact, a significantly powerful type of acupuncture or acupressure that treats ailments that range from muscular spasms to cold symptoms.  Apart from that, cupping therapy has also been used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than thousands of years.

Cupping consists of placing cups on the body and then forming a vacuum using either heat or suction.  This “suction cup” on the skin attracts all the toxins in the area, forming a lesion on the skin.  When these heal, the therapy is complete.  Cupping  is also said to open the meridians of the body, which is said to allow the free flow of energy throughout the body.

What is going to be included?

There are two types of cupping.  One isstationary, which is used to help clear the stagnation of blood and facilitate the release of pathogens, while anin massageis when the therapist glides the cups over the location to help relieve tension and congestion.  The type your therapist will perform depends on the type of pain you are experiencing.

Cupping is perfect for people who are experiencing backaches, sore muscles, stress, and a stiff neck. Typically, modern cups are made of clear plastic, often attached to a manually operated air pump and a tube.  A valve is present inside the cup, which serves as the passageway of the air released from the cup when it is removed.  There are actually different sizes of cups that allow a more concentrated or a broader contact with the different acupressure points. 

While there is a slight sensation, the treatments will not hurt.  In fact, people who have in massage cupping therapy report that it is actually quite relaxing.
During the procedure, the cups will help increase the blood supply to the muscle and skin, which will then bring nourishment and allow the toxins to be carried away from the veins.

A favorite area in which to have cupping therapy is the broad area of the back.  These cups are going to help stimulate knots and rigid tissue areas.  Other areas can include the shoulders, necks, stomach, hips and thighs.

For the first 20 to 30 minutes, a massage will be performed to loosen up the muscles.  After this, the cups will be applied and will do their work for up to 5- 10 minutes.  Once this is complete, the cups will be removed and the session will be finished with massage.  Typical sessions can take up to 45 minutes to an hour.

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